On Thursday 28th February, we went to the Stoke Mandeville Hospital for a presentation about our Antibiotic dance because we were the winners for Buckinghamshire. When we got there, we met in the reception area and were led to the Pharmacy, where we watched an unveiling of the plaque that the microbial department had been awarded, for their work with two schools in Uganda. This department travelled to Uganda to explain why not to take too many antibiotics and what could happen if they did. They educated two schools in town called Entebbe. After this, we went into a lecture theatre to watch the winners video entries and view the posters. Then, we were individually presented with our award, certificate and had a group photo with the Doctors (who were also the judges). Finally, we went into a side room that had an amazing selection of edible goodies: caramel and chocolate-coated shortbread (with mouth-watering Malteasers on top!) Delicious carrot cake with coated with sweet frosting and light, fluffy scones with butter & jam. There was also a variety of healthy fruit and delicious Shloer and lemonade to drink. We felt very excited and slightly overwhelmed by all that they had provide for the ceremony; we felt completely spoilt. We decided to donate our prize-winning money (£25) to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children. by Emily, Emily and Ebony (Year 4)