We are delighted to share our school vision – a tree which symbolises the growth the school has enjoyed and will continue to do so with the children’s best learning interests at heart. Not only does the tree echo the Growth Mindset approach we continue to use, it reflects our rural setting.
This vision is a collaborative effort between the children, parents, staff and governors about what makes our school special and successful.
All decisions and developments for our school will be rooted in this vision and I ask all our stakeholders to support us in making this a clear, common identity for our school.
In summary:
  • the trunk (Spirituality, Community, Inclusivity & Christian Values) provides a strong foundation on which the school grows
  • the branches (Learning, Skills & Knowledge) stem from this foundation and give us purpose
  • the leaves (Creativity, Pride, Curiosity, Challenge, Love & Joy) are the fruits of our efforts and should be evident in all members of our school community