As the school is currently closed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we will continue to provide and signpost a variety of resources for the children at home.

We would like to stress to parents that we cannot sustain the level of provision they currently experience while the school is repurposed to care for vulnerable children and key worker families.

Equally, if your child is or becomes unwell, we understand that they will be resting and that there is no expectation for them to be completing vast amounts of work; we also acknowledge that families will have their own circumstances to navigate at this difficult time.

In the first instance, children can continue to:

  • read regularly to an adult
  • practise times tables and/or mental maths
  • complete ‘MyMaths’ activities provided online
  • write something brief each day; perhaps a diary entry, short story or description
  • complete any outstanding ‘Pick & Mix’ homework activities
  • complete revision activities provided to Year 6

Where the above does not apply to EYFS children, we will be using Tapestry to provide daily ideas and activities which can be posted and shared with Mrs Neaves.

In addition, we have launched our whole-school ‘Worldwide Challenge’, the resources for which we provided in hard copy but can be found in the quick links menu to the right.

We have now set up a school account with ‘Class Dojo’ which all pupils and parents can access for activities and interaction with the staff. This requires a specific email link which has been sent to all families however some have experienced difficulties – please double check your junk mail and then email for further support.