Year 1 and 2 have been fantastic superheroes in training this half term, saving the school from the Evil Super villains.  

Earlier this term, a crime scene was found in the kitchen. Fruits and vegetables had been attacked and clues had been left as to who had committed the terrible crime. Working alongside the Special Superhero Detective Agency (SSDA), our superheroes in training narrowed it down to Poison Purple, Cruella De Cookie, Señores Squashies, Evil Queen Quaver or Fizzy Frank. However, they were not aware that these criminals all work for Dr Donut, the infamous criminal mastermind behind the whole plan.  

One by one our superheroes have been able to eliminate the villains. They found out it couldn’t have been Cruella De Cookie, because the cookie crumbs at the scene of the crime were in fact crumbs left by Mr Tomson when he had been eating cookies in the kitchen and hadn’t cleaned up after himself. After the SSDA intercepted a postcard from Señores Squashies to Dr Donut, the children knew they were on holiday on Florida at the time the crime took place. After tracking the villains’ phones, evidence was found that Evil Queen Quaver was also innocent because she had texted Dr Donut complaining about how long she had been stuck at the petrol station trying to get fuel. This left Poison Purple and Fizzy Frank. The SSDA had bugged the Evil Criminal Headquarters and luckily, a conversation between Purple Poison and Fizzy Frank had been recorded. The conversation that was had proved that Fizzy Frank was the culprit. The children requested the SSDA put all their efforts in to tracking down Fizzy Frank as soon as possible. CCTV footage of Fizzy Frank in the school had been found and our superheroes had to put all their training into action to find Fizzy Frank before he got away!  

Thankfully, the school and all the fruits and vegetables are safe and Fizzy Frank has been locked up, never to be released again!