The antibiotics competition was first announced during and assembly, led by Ms Lee. We immediately wanted to enter.

We put in so much practise and finally got it perfect. All our hard work, put into our song and dance, was all worth it because after a month, the results were announced… WE WON! We were really happy and stood up in front of the whole school to be told we were going to an official presentation at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

There was another winner from our school – Donnie (Year 3) who won the Lower KS2 Antibiotic poster competition.

On the day of the presentation, we followed a lady through many corridors, towards a little room. When we arrived at the room there was a lot of food and five named goodie bags! There was a speech of thanks from the female Dr (who was a microbiologist) and they took photos of all the winners holding our bags. These generous giftbags contained: a book, a virus toy, a t-shirt and the named bag itself. We were asked by the organisers to return for filming of our dance/song.

Therefore, on Tuesday 26th February , we met Thomas, who filmed us. It took three practices! Finally, we go it. We watched it – were slightly embarrassed.

The whole experience was really inspiring and it taught us more about working as a team and antibiotic awareness itself.

Thank you to Ms Lee and Mr Tomson for your support and to those who helped us at the hospital.

by Naomi & Charlotte (Yr 6)